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November 26, 2011

Top Trade Hubs in EVE-Central (by number of orders)

Filed under: EVE-Central — Yann @ 2:09 pm

More traders means more chances to buy and sell commodities. As a matter of interest, from a quick data mining expedition in the EVE-Central database, I present you with the top trading systems in EVE. These were cataloged not from volume (which is very hard to determine without tapping into everyone’s wallet), but from the number of active orders present in the database for each system.

The first chart is the makeup of just the top 7 systems (before statistics people shoot me, “Other” was omitted in this chart). As no surprise to anyone, Jita is the top, followed by the other capital systems.

Here is a view of the top 40 systems. Note the high ranking of two 0.0 systems, 6VDT-H and G-0Q86.

I am currently looking at bringing much better real time statistics to EVE-Central – leave a comment for what you find interesting!

October 11, 2011

Quickie: SORBS Is Terrible / Sucks

Filed under: EVE-Central,Software — Yann @ 1:05 pm

If you ever have the misfortune of managing e-mail servers, please do not ever attempt to use the SORBS RBL. Its false positive rate is amazingly high, and its support is downright terrible when your mailman mailing list (you know, an opt-in mailing list) is flagged.

August 13, 2011

Incarna Now Loaded!

Filed under: EVE-Central — Yann @ 3:49 pm

The Incarna database dump is now loaded into EVE-Central! Enjoy :)

June 22, 2011

Contribtastic for Incarna is now available

Filed under: EVE-Central — Yann @ 10:07 pm

I’ve just published a new version of Contribtastic with a patched version of libevecache for Incarna compatibility. Thanks to several helpers, including some standouts from the EVE Tribune, we can at the very least upload all data types from before Incarna. New types from Incarna are not yet available due to a lack of a database dump.

Contribtastic has also dropped the “alpha” moniker – its not a sudden refresh of code, but at this point it was just silly.

In addition, the client version checks are now activated – any clients earlier than Contribtastic 2.0.0 should complain loudly and demand you download an upgrade.

December 9, 2010

EVE-Central after EVE-Metrics

Filed under: EVE-Central — Yann @ 8:53 pm

As you may have heard, EVE-Metrics is planning on moving to bigger and better things. This leaves (the older, more battle scared, and way less slick) EVE-Central as the only remaining EVE-Online market data aggregator. Despite not being an active EVE-Online player either, I am leaving EVE-Central up and running, but I need your help to keep the cobwebs from piling on too thick!

First off, EVE-Central needs enhancements. Currently, even simple things like determining the buy and sell price in Jita are horribly flawed (due to gaming of the statistics). Uploads are accepted with very minimal validation work, leading to very obvious fakes and outdated data purging new good data. We’re still using a creaky old CSV exporter which has been known broken for the past 6 months or so (a phantom non-column is being exported). Our Contribtastic client has GUI elements which are basically unimplemented and confuse just about everyone (yes, I know, you can’t login). We’re still using the SMTP push service (it made sense when data volumes were lower, now it just breaks other people’s SMTP servers).

What am I planning on doing?

  1. Augmenting the SMTP push service with a bare-bones, JSON over socket system. Rejoice in the lack of client library requirements, such as AMQP and its unused complexity.
  2. Fixing some glaring bugs (like the CSV export, and a few input validation glitches)
  3. Making sure we’re up to the latest item ID database (there are some holes)

However, these are simple creaky wheel fixes. This is the part of the post where I mention that both Contribtastic/libevecache and EVE-Central are Open Source, under the GPL and AGPL licenses respectively. Have an idea for a new statistic? Please implement it! Want Contribtastic logins to work? Time to work on that too :).

If you actually want to help, I have established a mailing list/Google Group to discuss changes and contribute ideas. You can of course fine the relevant EVE-Central code on Gitorious.

Happy hacking!

June 8, 2010

Minor site updates

Filed under: EVE-Central — Yann @ 7:38 pm

EVE-Central has received a minor site update today. Two new features were introduced:

  • The usesystem parameter is now supported on the marketstat API call.
  • Statistics are now recalculated on upload, flushing any cached data. The point-in-time statistics are now stored as well, which will lead to a future site feature.

Feel free to submit futher patches and features. I have a few patches to merge into Contribtastic and the website once they are tested.

May 26, 2010

Tyrannis Cache Trouble

Filed under: EVE-Central — Yann @ 10:08 pm

I am working on the cache format change that was released in the latest EVE release. This may take a few days to sort out.

May 11, 2010

Contribtastic Alpha 5 Available

Filed under: EVE-Central — Yann @ 9:20 pm

My Windows build machine is up and running again. Alpha 5 of Conttibtastic is prepackaged for testing.

May 10, 2010

Contribtastic Alpha5 is coming soon

Filed under: EVE-Central — Yann @ 9:51 pm

As many of you noticed, Contribtastic Alpha4 is bugged. The code is fixed, but I haven’t had a functioning Windows build machine to turn the handle on in order to produce the installer package. Stay tuned.

April 27, 2010

Contribtastic Alpha4 Available

Filed under: EVE-Central,Software — Yann @ 10:58 pm

A new version of Contribtastic, the 100% open source cache reading uploader, is now available. If you’ve been hit with the data.pickle corruption bug from previous versions, this is an essential upgrade.

Next release may actually add the CSV export option along with re-implementing login functionality. Contributions welcome!

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