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March 2, 2009

Hardware Design: nRF24Z1 Wireless Digital Audio Streamer Super-Breakout Board

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I’m pleased to announce a new hardware board in development. It isn’t available for sale right now, but prototype testing is under way, and is being double checked for any design problems.

It is a “super” breakout board centered around the Nordic Semiconductor nRF24Z1 Wireless Audio Streamer, a low-power self-contained 2.4GHz digital audio streaming chip. This little chip is capable of sending a 44.1KHz stereo digital signal, straight from a S/PDIF source, to another S/PDIF input, over a 2.4GHz wireless link, with minimal latency. If analog is more your thing, it also features a complete I2S interface (including clocking) which can drive an ADC or DAC (depending if its in transmit or receive mode). Perfect for your DIY projects with outside speakers, wireless headphones, and more.

On this breakout board, you will find:

  1. An Atmel ATtiny84 microcontroller, for command and control of the radio link, plus communication between the modules
  2. An Octal-Inverter and all of the needed S/PDIF circuitry to correctly use and drive the 1V digital signal
  3. A 20 pin breakout header which exposes most of the microcontroller and radio pins.
  4. An integrated, inverted-F PCB antenna with superior performance to “chip” antennas, while not hogging large amounts of PCB space

The schematic hardware design is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0. I’ll post again soon with pictures of the prototypes as well as ordering information.


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